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Embrace timeless beauty with our Draconis "Dendrobium" White-Yellow Earrings. These earrings showcase the delicate allure of white and yellow hues, reminiscent of the graceful Draconis Dendrobium orchids. With intricate craftsmanship, each pair captures the essence of nature's elegance, bringing a touch of floral charm to your style.
  • Real Orchid go through process of dehydration between 5-7 days and then preserved in resin.
  • Each Orchid has their own personality, colors and shapes. Click on "Nature's elements" section for Orchid Colors Symbolism.  
  • Orchids have a reputation of elegance and sensuality. Select your beautiful orchid, leaf and chain to create your own style. 
  • The image may show a slight difference to the actual flowers in color and shape there are never two alike.
  • A nice gift of nature for your friends, family, lovers and for yourself.





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    Draconis "Dendrobium" White-Yellow Earrings